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10 best places in Africa to see African wild dogs

African Wild dogs are some interesting and amazing characters within the wildlife species. Known to be fierce and agile when hunting, wild dogs are the best wildlife species to hang around with while on safari.

We have listed below some of the best National Parks in Africa you can visit and spot these amazing characters while on safari.

10 best places in Africa to see African wild dogs
10 best places in Africa to see African wild dogs – Piper Mackay Wildlife Photographer

  1. Mana Pools National Park – Zimbabwe
  2. Selous Game Reserve – Tanzania
  3. Moremi Game Reserve – Botswana
  4. South Luangwa National Park – Zambia
  5. Madikwe Game Reserve – South Africa
  6. Ruaha National Park – Tanzania
  7. Hwange National Park – Zimbabwe
  8. Laikipia, Lewa, and Borana Conservancies – Kenya.
  9. The Greater Kruger National Park – South Africa
  10. Tsavo National Parks – Kenya
  11. Sabi Sand Game Reserve – South Africa
African Wild Dog Behaviour

African wild dogs are intelligent and cooperative hunters. Some of the dogs run close to the prey while the others fall behind. They then take over when the front members tire.

The dogs have a playful ceremony that bonds them for a common purpose and initiates each hunt. They start circulating among the other pack members, vocalizing and touching until they get excited and are ready to hunt.

When feeding, they lack aggression towards each other and share the kill; even with members who may not have been involved in the actual hunt.

The entire African wild dog pack shares responsibility for protecting the cubs, with both males and females babysitting the young.


Cover Photo by National Geographic

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