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3 Reasons Why Not To Travel Abroad Now

Everyone is looking to travel and get out of their normal stay. Airlines, accommodations, and destinations are seen to give flight discounts and amazing rates to attract travelers. But with all these, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you travel to any foreign country for leisure or any other short visits. Many Countries have done repatriation services to their citizens who were stuck in countries that are affected by COVID 19.

  1. Travel and Medical Insurance Every Travel that you do to any foreign country, there must be proper planning and knowing what it involves to travel. These include your travel and medical insurances which are vital as you do your travel. Travel insurance helps you when you get stuck or in a difficult situation somewhere in a destination you are and can’t fly back home, the insurance company is able to take care of that. Medical insurance takes care of your medical covers when you fall ill while on trips outside your country.
    Therefore it’s important to know and understand what your insurance company covers when traveling to any abroad country. Especially Covid19 covers. These will guarantee your travel to be easy and manageable around the world.
  2. You will be quarantined back to your country after travel
    Many Countries have a quarantine policy of 14 days stay in isolation after you fly in from a different destination. It’s not easy to get quarantined in a foreign country, isolation is better being at your own house than being in an unfamiliar environment with different rules that are not friendly or common to what you are used to.Some of the Scandinavian Countries have eased their travel restrictions but just only within Europe. If you travel to any other country outside Europe you are bound to be isolated when returning back, and some may need individual payments for quarantine costs.
  3. Travel Advisories and Expensive travel
    The USA and many other countries have issued travel advisories to different countries especially those who depend mostly on tourism activities as their economic income. These travel advisories are put in place to protect you as a citizen in that country. We advise you to follow these advisories as the government knows a lot that might affect you while in that country with an advisory.
    Always check your government website for advisories and travel warnings.

African Safari Destinations are in a gradual process to open up their activities especially to their citizens who would want to visit a destination in their country. This comes up when COVID cases are high but still affecting economies, and prompting countries to open up operations to rescue their economies.

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Tanzanian President recently announced Tanzania is free from Corona Virus, urging international guests to make bookings and visit Tanzania for tourism purposes. This comes in a time when the Wildebeest Migration is on full throttle in the Serengeti National Park.

3 Reasons Why Not To Travel Abroad Now
3 Reasons Why Not To Travel Abroad Now

3 Reasons Why Not To Travel Abroad Now


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