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Wildlife Photography is a livelihood to many professional wildlife photographers. But what makes their photos sell and trend so much. Our Photography Experts have highlighted some brief 5 tricks and tips that will help you improve your photography skills.

Familiarise with what exactly you want to take photos of

When in photography, there are different kinds of photography categories that people specialize in. Since we are in Wildlife Photography, the best thing is to learn, do research and understand some of your targets while on your photography mission in the wild. For example, if you want to take the Big Cats photos, you will need to understand and know how these big cats behave, work and related to their environment.

Lion in Serengeti National Park
Lion Sitting on a rock in Serengeti National Park ~ Photo by unknown ~ from Google Photos

Find a conducive field of work (Mostly National Parks and Reserves)

While planning your photography safari tour, you need to consider your target, and where they are found. In most cases, the best places for calm, natural and best shots to get are in National Parks and National Reserves. With such an environment you are able to get the best shots of wildlife like big cats hunting, wildlife in their natural habitats.

Elephants in Hangwe Zimbabwe
Elephants in Hangwe National Park – Photo by Piper Mackay Photography

Patience Pays

In Photography, Patience is a virtue. It pays off well at the end of the day. As we have discussed above, you need to know the kind of photos and learn more about your target. In this way, you will have enough time to study and get enough and different photos from different angles. With how they move, you can see many advantages in certain backgrounds and positions.

Tswalu Reserve – Black Rhino and Calf – Photo by Unknown


Plan Enough Days for your Photography Safari

Photography Safaris are very expensive, the planning, the expenses and the types of equipment make it is more costly. It’s therefore advisable to plan longer days for a photography safari so that you get the best and enough photographs that will be able to select a few that you feel are the best for exhibitions and sale.


Equipment and Photography Gadgets.

If you are looking to make great photography, make sure you are using professional items or equipment, that will help you capture great photos at different conditions possed by the destination you are taking your wildlife photos.

Wildlife moves fast and a moment lost is never recovered. Having the best types of equipment to capture every moment is necessary.

Lion and Lioness in Mana Pool
Lion and Lioness in Mana Pool in Zimbabwe – Photo by Piper Mackay Wildlife Photos

Know more of what you would need to do have a successful wildlife photography

WIld Dogs in Mana Pools – Zimbabwe – Photo by Piper Mackay

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