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A Kenyan Dream Safari

Have you ever looked at a painting so intensely that you start to wonder how on earth someone had the patience to sit there and stroke by stroke get the color so right, the textures so lifelike?

Well that’s the feeling you get when you take a safari in Kenya.
Going through the wild canvas that is a Kenya; coming across a quiet elephant grazing on plants, or a group of flamingos gearing up to paint the sky pink.

A safari in Kenya is like a dream, the sunsets, the sunrises, magnificently African, bold and strong and never shy to be loud. The birds singing all morning waking you up to witness a sunrise, the lions roaring at night to warn you they are out and hunting.


This is the canvas you just have to see to believe. A masterful composition of animal kingdom living free and mother earth commanding your attention.

Haven’t taken that dream safari yet? Start planning to visit the best piece of art Africa has to offer.

A Kenyan Dream Safari
A Kenyan Dream Safari

Article: Pooja Joshi
Freelance writer
Based in Kenya

Images: Sara Jamal
Freelance photographer
Based in Kenya


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A Kenyan Dream Safari


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