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Are you a serious content writer? Are you a Traveler, Solo, group, or a couple? Are you a Photographer? Are you looking for a marketing platform? Welcome and feel at home. Read More details below or Contact us for more
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We are a dynamic platform that grows daily. And with our huge traffic in visitors, we appreciate anyone who would love to share their travel stories, Ideas and Advisories too so as to give more information to our readers. We cover the whole of Africa, and we will appreciate contributors from all over Africa.

We are always looking forward to have a strong team thats accurate, proffessional and genuine content creators. Please read below on how to join us as part of our expert teams in travel here in Africa.

If you would love to be part of the team, please contact us direct through our contact page, or send us an email direct to

PLEASE NOTE:- We welcome good quality articles and photographic posts from writers and photographers. In return we will offer exposure for your writing and a link back to your personal blog and/or social media pages. 

Content Writers

For Travelers

Either you are a local in your country in Africa, Traveller Globally, Expat in any African Country, or a Frequent Vacation Goer, we need you. Join our Team.

If you are a content or blog writer, please see what you require to have or do to meet the criteria to be given a chance to add your amazing content.

Africa is currently growing and opening up its borders to its members for in house tourism and enable African Tourist to travel within Africa.

We are looking for African Travel bloggers, from various African Countries who are ready to expose their contents to other African travelers.

These platform encourages, conservationists, travel bloggers, photographers and travel advisors to join our team.

What we need for you to Join us:-

  1. Your Travel Blog (Link) if you have or social profiles (Fb, IG, Twitter)
  2. Your profile (Where you are based, country and city, contact info, explain in brief what your blog is about, What Inspired you to visit Africa, What Challenges and )
  3. All our blog post and content should be in English
  4. All Content written, will be critically looked for originality and professionalism
  5. Send us a link to your photography work (Google Drive, Fb Page, IG or any other)
  6. Finally, to Join us, send us an email with the above requirements to



Portfolio Listing

Are you a Professional Photographer? We can List some of your work on our website and Copywrite them for you

We promote photographers on our plartfom who are original in their work. We have portfolio pages that you are exclusively listed and your work is posted to show case the beauty of Africa.

Its open to Photographers who appreciates the originality and uniqueness of Africa, the beauty and special factors of the continent. We accept content for photographers who do

  1. Wildlife Photography,
  2. Landscapes Photography,
  3. City and Town Photography,
  4. Culture Photography,
  5. People Photography,
  6. Accommodation Photography
  7. Food Photography

What you need to consider so as to be listed

  1. Send us a link of your work (Google Drive, Fb, IG or any)
  2. Personal details (Full Names, Categories of Photography you work on, Email and Website if any, Phone number includeyour country code and name)
  3. Send us a copy of your images on low resolutions if you dont have any on the links

Contact us :- Email us

Marketing Posts and Portfolios




Are you a commercial company or individual and would want to promote your product, posts or photos?

We always want to promote your product related in line with out work. We allow blog posts, portfolios, and articles that want to be promoted and reach a more wider range of consumers who visit our website.

Otherwise, This has to be communicated to us in writing to our email so that we can scrutinise and allow or not to allow any commercial posts.

We dont allow back links for commercial use, incase you want to, please reach us and be given guidelines and requirements on this. Email us


Content Creation


Originality and Genuine Content

What you need to know about content creation, how genuine you should be, Unique Originality, and what to consider

You want to have great followers? Here are tips to make your contents great:-

  1. Be original, authentic and proffessional in your work
  2. Take amazing photos
  3. Make sure your content and stories have a flow of events
  4. For reviewers,please give indepth of a product you are reviewing. Product refers to Tour Companies and Agencies you use or used to travel in Africa, A photography work done by a photographer, Destinations, Accommodations you stayed at and experienced them, cities, towns, cultures. Any unrelated reviews, wont be published.
  5. Make sure you have authentic details of your travels or stays or experiences that you took your selves.
  6. Interviews of authentic business people and services. They should be directly interviewed to tell stories of their experience in the growth of their products and much more.

Subscribe to our News Letters and be receiving insights on travels content writing. We will be guiding you through on whats the best to consider in making your content rich and authentic.

Incase of any problem, please email us

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