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Discover AfricaSeptember 15, 20203min
Facts About Hyenas Despite all the negative stories about hyena, the spotted hyena has very interesting genitalia. The physical appearance of the female spotted hyena genitalia is one of its kind. If you are lucky to see between a female spotted hyena back legs, you will find a thick phallic structure complete with false scrotum […]


Discover AfricaSeptember 12, 20202min
Entebbe International Airport Resumes Operations International commercial passenger flights return to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport on October 1, 2020, ending at least five months of lockdown occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) in a September 8 letter to airlines’ executives said that 13 flights, to and from the airport have been cleared […]


Discover AfricaSeptember 12, 20202min
Bwindi & Kibale National Parks Resumes Operations After Months, the famous Primate National Parks in Uganda, Bwindi National Park, and Kibale National Parks Reopens. The Pandemic being the reason for the closedown, research showed that our close relatives, the gorillas, and chimpanzees, were at higher risk of contracting COVID 19. Uganda Wildlife Authority reopened the […]


Discover AfricaSeptember 9, 20203min
Zimbabwean Gov Bans Coal Mining in National Parks Zimbabwean Government has immediately banned mining activities in national parks and rivers under stringent new regulations unveiled last night. Mines Minister Winston Chitando said state mining arm Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation holds the Hwange concessions and had partnered with two Chinese firms, Afrochine Energy and Zimbabwe Zhongxin […]

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