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Best 10 Activities to do After Corona Virus (COVID – 19) 

It is pretty sure the quarantine and lockdown we are all experiencing now, needs serious remedy after the pandemic ends. It is not easy to be locked into your house, home for long enough since we are all social beings.

You might be wondering what next to do for some remedy to clear off the long stays in the house or your homes. We have some suggestions that might help you plan some great ideas to take up with you and family after Corona Virus Pandemic.

Some of the as well Best 10 Activities to do After Corona Virus (Covid – 19) ideas:-


1. Family Safari / Couple Safari

After the whole pandemic ends, please think of having a more exclusive personal family time away from home. This helps you to break the ‘stay at home’ monopoly. Your family’s minds get refreshed and calmed, making great memories before any other crazy situation comes to prohibit you and your family to travel again.

Also Making it a habit to travel as a family even when all is calm and there no pandemic.


2. Visit your close friends and relatives

We have missed our social connections with our friends, relatives and loved ones for some long period or short may be to those with fewer restrictions to travel or interact. After the Pandemic, make sure you visit them and try to rebuild your bond with them. Value each and every time you spend with them.

Also, remember to make it a habit to value the social connections with your friends, relatives and family no matter what situations you are in.


3. Charity and CSR engagements

At this time would be good to approach communities and less fortunate who have been really hit by the pandemic, try to raise their hopes high by doing one positive impact into their lives. You can engage in schooling families, providing long-lasting solutions such as farming products that could raise funds and still feed the community. They are the most affected during this time of the pandemic, if you have a chance to help anyone, a community, take this time to uplift a soul. But in situations of lockdown, please ensure you look after them.


4. Sporty and Gym Activities

To refresh and our minds and bodies, we would love to engage in some strenuous activities that help us feel to work out and improve our body productivity. We all look to that day to go for gym and cut weight, or resume football or any sports, but would be better the non-sporty individuals to look at doing a sport to engage their bodies and minds in an activity. There are many sports you can join in. Check with your estate or community on what they do, or rather join clubs such as golf, tennis clubs for registrations.


5. Beach holidays and vacations

Apart from wildlife safaris in the major national parks in your country, try also to visit the beaches in case you have any access to it. It’s so suitable for families and specifically kids. It helps in refreshing their minds and be more productive. Beaches give a family the chance to be free, have fun and enjoy the peaceful environs around. Its the ‘be free zone’ vacation.

Best 10 Activities to do After Corona Virus (Covid - 19)


6. Clubbing and Night Outs

The Young generations and the millennials will be looking towards to go out and have some good fun time with friends. This applies to also anyone who loves going out and have a one and two catch up time with new friends. It also gives you a chance to refresh and be your self.


7. Farming / Agriculture

Among many ways to spend quality valuable time, farming is one of the best ways to practice. Esp those who were or are in lockdown in cities for more than 30 days, getting dirty and trying out some farming practices in the villages, will kill the stay home alone monotony.

Having best time to plant and grow foodstuffs, look after domesticated animals, is something more refreshing than anything.


8. Movies and Cinemas

For movie lovers, this will be the best time to visit the cinemas for some new releases of new movies. Most would love to be around movie theatres and cinemas, just to get a good time to be entertained by new releases that no one could have watched or seen.


9. Camping and Roadtrips

Among the best ways to kill the stay home boredom, is to plan a crazy lovely long camping road trip to an unknown place within your reach. Interacting with friends and catching up with them while on a trip is so rejuvenation to see how crazy you getting with your friends. The bonfires, stories, games, sceneries, are something we all long for.

The Idea of camping in an unknown place, with thrills is an experience you should look to after the pandemic.


Best 10 Activities to do After Corona Virus (Covid - 19)


10. Mt. Climbing or hiking

We have those who love high altitudes as their solitude places for escapes and happiness. After the pandemic, make sure you do 3 or so hills, or mountains if you can. The hiking bit, the sceneries and the beauty up a mountain or hill is something we all look forward to having after this crazy lock in our homes. Pick a few bucket list mountains or hills you can do, so as not to take chances in searching again when after lockdown. You can as well plan with your friends and or join a group that could be planning such escapades.



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