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Discover AfricaMay 16, 20208min
 Mozambique Travel Diaries…Diarias de Mozambique! Photos and Story by Angus Begg I first landed in Maputo with some mates in 1991, R80 via a downtown, Joburg not-so-public, maybe dodgy agency (or maybe I’ve been reading too much Jack Reacher and it was just the Consulate😁). We could only get these LAM tickets from the consulate. […]


Discover AfricaMay 5, 20205min
Topi Mother, Calf & 5 Cheetah Mara Coalition in Masai Mara (See Photos Below) Tano Bora, Fast Five, or the Five Musketeers and a mother courage. We found the Tano Bora coalition the day before the pictures were taken, they were resting in the bush after killing a wildebeest the last evening. This day (17th […]


Discover AfricaMay 4, 202010min
TRAVEL STORIES: 1st Time Experience At Mfuwe Lodge Zambia in the 1990s Travel Story by Angus Begg Watching elephants walk past the Mfuwe lodge reception – in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park – trunks sniffing around the reception desk, calves lying down to sleep…was one of the stranger tourism and media experiences I’ve been […]

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