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Discover AfricaAugust 23, 20203min
Missing Wildebeest Migration and Crossings? A Safari Company Is Airing Live The pandemic has brought a lot of impossibilities to the whole world. But there’s one thing that has been incredible this year compared to the many years passed. The Wildebeest Migration and Crossings in Serengeti Tanzania and Masai Mara Kenya. Wildebeest Migration is a […]


Discover AfricaJune 30, 202015min
Rhino Meat Proposed To Be Sold to Public for Consumption Johannesburg – The government has proposed changes to South Africa’s meat safety legislation, suggesting that threatened species such as rhinos, elephants and giraffes end up on dinner plates. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) has already received about 30000 comments before […]


Discover AfricaJune 12, 20202min
2 traffickers arrested with 4 leopard skins Wildlife Conservation has been immensely affected by COVID 19. Conservancies, Parks, Reserves, always relies on entry fees that visitors pay to manage their operations to protect wildlife. Poaching has been an in thing since COVID 19 started, including rhinos poached in Botswana, South Africa and many other African […]


Discover AfricaMay 26, 20204min
10 Best Lodges Camps to Spend on a Wildebeest Migration Safari Wildebeest Migration Safaris are a yearly episode of dramatic events in the two major and well-known parks in East Africa, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania and Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. This phenomenon involves thousands of Wildebeest, Antelopes, Topis, Gazelles, Impalas, Zebras, and many others […]


Discover AfricaMay 14, 20204min
CONSERVATION CRISIS:- Wildlife at risk due to Poaching and COVID 19 As we are at home due to the ravaging Corona Virus effects, African Wildlife is in danger of poaching. Corona Virus passed a serious threat to wildlife, as African Safaris are not happening and most National Parks, Reserves, and conservatives are closed due to […]


Discover AfricaMay 13, 20205min
MEERKATS FACTS: – 13 Amazing Facts About Meerkats Check out our fun meerkat facts that you might find interesting. Learn about the many different noise signals meerkats have if predators are approaching, how many meerkats are in a ‘clan’, where in the world meerkats live and much more. Meerkats are evenly distributed in the southern […]


Discover AfricaMay 11, 20203min
10 best places in Africa to see African wild dogs African Wild dogs are some interesting and amazing characters within the wildlife species. Known to be fierce and agile when hunting, wild dogs are the best wildlife species to hang around with while on safari. We have listed below some of the best National Parks in Africa you […]

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