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MASAI MARA: When It Rains It Pours, Flooding in Masai Mara

Flooding in Masai Mara has been an event over the years when the rain pours and fills in the rivers, ponds, and water dams, and overflows to the nearby facilities. Its been Raining since November 2019, making to six months of rain and heavy downpour bring tourism services into a semi halt situation.

East Africa at Large Especially Kenya and Tanzania, have been receiving this heavy rains due to the Indian Ocean currents and Cyclones that go all the way to affect Mozambique in a huge way. It has brought havoc in Many places of Mozambique and Tanzanian coast.

Jan to May, East Africa experiences the long rains, which are also measured to be more than 40mm. During this time, Most Parks always experience a high inflow of tourists from international countries and making it a high season. Its a nail on the wound that the rain comes when Corona effects are felt deeply with no tourists to visit and no business to transact. But on the other hand, it is kind of right Time to rain, since if it rained when tourists are inhouse, it would have been more hazardous and dangerous as well.


Most Accommodation facilities in Masai Mara, have been affected after the Mara river broke its banks to fill in the camps and lodges. These cases are mostly experienced in Samburu National Reserve where Ewaso Nyiro River, gets filled up and submerges camps on its banks and halting services.

The Government has been advising most of the camp owners to shift their camps to higher grounds or away from the river banks. Also since most are temporary camps, they are hit hard by the floods, since most of their belongings are carried away by the water.

‘My heart is broken. đź’”But I am grateful we are safe. Grateful 15 of our 21 Ankole cows that were taken by the river were found safe in a neighbor’s field. Grateful we managed to evacuate in time. Grateful the cats that we searched for and couldn’t find crept up to the highest shelf in the store. Grateful the chickens perched in the roof of their hut. Grateful for the amazing friends and community who opened their hearts and homes. Grateful for Corona, no guests, and no staff put in danger.’ House in The Wild Masai Mara Explains in their Facebook Page


Flooding in Masai Mara - House in the Wild
Flooding in Masai Mara – House in the Wild

Alex Walker Serian Camp Masai Mara was also affected hugely. As they explain ‘Well, today has been quite a day for everyone on the Mara River and in the ecosystem. The Mara River broke its banks and was the highest we have ever seen and more water than we would of ever dreamed of. This time last year we were worried that the river would completely dry up (there was only a tiny trickle left). Swipe right just to see the contrasts between this year and last. We are all safe and will continue to monitor the water levels as the hours and days go by.’

Flooding in Masai Mara - Alex Walker Camp Masai Mara
Flooding in Masai Mara – Alex Walker Camp Masai Mara



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