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KCAA Releases Protocols For Flights & JKIA

Could this be signs of early opening of JKIA and Kenya Airways Flights? The Ministry of Transport was tasked on 6th June to come up with comprehensive JKIA, Airstrips, Kenya Airways, and Internal flight protocols.

The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, gave directives of protocols to be used in controlling COVID 19 a the country was recording high numbers.

The Ministry was preparing to reopen on 8th June (Read here on June 8th JKIA Reopening), having been seen gearing up to reopen and later postponed.


Later from sources, it was mentioned that there will be a possible reopening of the JKIA and KQ resumptions for international flights in September.

Today the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) issued a protocol document that could be what is looked at for possible reopening of Kenyan Skies. The Document articulates the in-depth of the processes that will take at the airport and how passengers are to follow the guidelines of flights.

It has described in depth of how

  1. The staff will be taken care of,
  2. Passenger screening,
  3. Checking in and boarding of aircraft,
  4. Management of Passengers Onboard the Aircraft
  5. Management of Passengers On-board with Suspected COVID -19
  6. Management of Arriving Passengers
  7. Management of Air Operators Crew and Ground Staff
  8. Disinfection and sanitization, and many other regulations and measures.

As Kenya is looking forward to reopening on 7th July 2020, most of the Tourism players are trying their best to get licenses to reopen their establishments. Almost most of the Nairobi Restaurants and Hotels are opened, but with strict guidelines issued by the government.

Most of these properties are eying the local and regional domestic tourists looking to escape their quarantine places to a new environment. Therefore, they have to ensure they are ready to accept guests.

The Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara are soon arriving for their annual visits, but there are no visitors to see and witness this spectacle.

The reopening of JKIA and Kenya Airways will create a good ground for tourism to bounce back since the sector will be on peak season.


KCAA Releases Protocols For Flights & JKIA
KCAA Releases Protocols For Flights & JKIA


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