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Safari and Travel Protocol to be Unveiled Soon In Kenya

As the Country, Kenya, Looks forward to revive the Tourism Sector, the government is doing its best to make sure all guidelines and conditions are set to curb the spread of COVID 19.

In the last 2 weeks, the Tourism Sector was given a stimulus package of $60 million dollars as soft loans to different Tourism players. These will see to it that Hotel Lodges Camps, Tour Operators, Parks and Reserves, Community Tourism Projects, Conservancies, and many others benefit from this.

The Ministry of Transport Cabinet Secretary hinted of plans to open Kenyan skies and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by 8th June. A lot of preparations are underway to ensure WHO COVID Guidelines are followed and observed to the latter.

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The Government called the Ministry of Tourism to set a Task Force that will bring or set standards, guidelines, and protocols that should be observed while we undertake Tourism Activities in the Country. Some of the common factors to be considered are the basic guidelines of:-

  1. Washing of hands with soap
  2. Sanitizing while on safari
  3. Social Distancing While on Safari
  4. Wear face masks

Kenyan Tourism has been one of the main contributors to the economy and is one of the leading employment sector. Involving indirect employment and casual works, the industry has been hit hard making some of the major players laying off their staff.

The country has been receiving millions of visitors, 2.4 million as per the 2019 Ministry of Tourism records, it will be looked at on how they will practice the WHO guidelines. Tour Operators is one of the major players, are being observed at how they will manage to observe social distancing and ensure guests are wearing facemasks, and wash their hands during there group safaris, road trips, and many other forms of tourism interactions.

Kenyan accommodation is also one of the most common places where people interact a lot, by conferencing, accommodation, having meals, and much more. Keeping in mind their sleeping arrangements such as double, triple, and sharing basis, will these be done away with and stick to single rooms instead? The Tourism Taskforce will give us proper guidelines for these arrangements.

Among the Task Force, Includes:-

  1. Principal Secretary for the State Department of Tourism
  2. CEO Kenya Association of Hotels Keepers and Caterers
  3. CEO Tour Operators Society of Kenya
  4. CEO Kenya Association of Tour Operators
  5. CEO Events Management Association of Kenya
  6. CEO Retail Traders Association of Kenya
  7. CEO Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association of Kenya
  8. CEO Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association of Kenya
  9. Director, Tourism Research, policy and Innovation Directorate State Department of Tourism
  10. Director-General Tourism Regulatory Authority
  11. Director-General of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  12. CEO Kenya Airports Authority
  13. National Co-ordinator, Kenya National Convention Bureau
  14. Three Representatives of the International Airlines in Kenya

These Safari and Travel Protocol will be the new norm to travel and enjoy a safari in Kenya.


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KENYA: Safari and Travel Protocol to be Unveiled Soon
KENYA: Safari and Travel Protocol to be Unveiled Soon


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