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Latest Lockdown Travel Rules For South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs has published a new directive focusing on travel restrictions during South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown.

The directive amends the country’s earlier lockdown regulations to allow for international travel in specific circumstances – including the return of a South African national or permanent resident to his or her place of employment, study or residence, outside of the country.

The directive states that these citizens must do so at their own cost and flights are subject to capacity.


It also notes that the citizen must, at least five working days in advance of the intended date of travel, provide the Department of Home Affairs with the following documentation:

  • A copy of his or her valid South African passport;
  • A letter of confirmation of admissibility or the validity of the visa or permit, issued by the relevant diplomatic or consular mission or authority of the receiving country;
  • Where transiting through another country, proof of permission to transit through such country;
  • Proof of the means of travel and the intended date of departure.

The directive further states that South African citizen or a permanent resident who, for any reason, has been outside the republic during the period of the national state of disaster must for purposes of admission be subjected to such prescribed screening or examination procedure.

Other changes

The directive also introduces a number other Home Affairs changes including:

    • Home Affairs offices will now allow for the late registration of birth and solemnization and registration of marriages;
    • The owner or person in charge of a vehicle being used for transport outside of South Africa must provide a full manifest;
    • Extension of validity for asylum seeker permits;
  • Provision for people in South Africa on an expired visa.

You can read the full directive by downloading here

Latest Lockdown Travel Rules For South Africa
Latest Lockdown Travel Rules For South Africa



Source: Business Tech

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