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Magical Kenya Cancels and Postpones its Expo to 2021

The Covid – 19 has distracted every tourism activities in specifically, Africa. Most of the major events and a lot of travel visions were canceled and some postponed to 2021 and others canceled completely.

Magical Kenya sent their Cancelation News for the MKTE (Magical Kenya Tourism Expo) That happens every October in Nairobi Kenya, citing the effects of Covid 19 that could extend to the end of 2020. Most of Tourism Suppliers, Operators, and Agents have been greatly affected by the Covid 19 rendering many out of operation, job, and access to finances. Most of them have had numerous cancelations that is affecting their operation and sustainability.

Magical Kenya Cancels and Postpones its Expo to 2021
Magical Kenya Cancels and Postpones its Expo to 2021 – Scenery Adventures



According to the Director Scenery Adventures, Monicah Mzungu, and Inbound Travel Safari Company based in Nairobi Kenya, Says she had big expectation in closing business partnerships while on this expo. She mentions that Covid has really brought everything down to its knees in tourism and it will be a long time to revive it. Looking at the next travel trend, there’s a lot that we need to consider in travel, She explains.

As Tourism is looking to shape in a direction, we expect a lot of changes in the travel protocols and policies. From WTO, Tourism is expected to recover fully in 2023, as a lot of changes are expected and so the trends and health concerns will arise. Border and entry restrictions will be tough and a lot will be considered. Many African Countries are diverting their focus to target the local tourist to boost their businesses before international markets open up.



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