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RARE SIGHTINGS PHOTOS:- The Friendly Leopard and Cow

Today we defy the norms and bring you a rare, yet interesting story of a Leopard and a cow that were friends in Vadodara India. SEE PHOTOS BELOW

This story is old (2002). But there are several like this hidden from our knowledge! A man bought the cow from a neighboring village and brought it to his village. Dogs used to bark at night. People thought that thieves were taking advantage of the lockdown. They installed CCTV and what they saw surprised them.

Then they reached the village of the man from whom they had bought the cow and found out that the mother of the leopard had died when she was 20 days old. The people of the village brought the female leopard to the cow and she nursed it. When the leopard grew up, the villagers left him in the forest, but the leopard did not forget his savior, who fed him. She comes out of the forest every night to visit her mother. Credit Rohit Vyas At Antoli Village In Vadodara.



Photos of RARE SIGHTINGS PHOTOS:- The Friendly Leopard and Cow 

RARE SIGHTINGS PHOTOS:- The Friendly Leopard and Cow
RARE SIGHTINGS PHOTOS:- The Friendly Leopard and Cow in India – Photo by Manoj Therker



Narration by Patti Vaughin


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