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Relief and Response Measures by the Ministry of Tourism

COVID 19 has been a threat to many safari destinations in Africa. In this wake, most of these countries are in speed to save the industry after a severe impact from COVID. South Africa has lost 600,000 jobs in the tourism industry including guides, hotel employees, safari consultants, and many more.

South Africa has been seen in the recent months creating relief measures to Accommodation and Tour Operators within the country. Not many have benefited from the relief, especially the small tour operators, hotel owners, and small tourism entrepreneurs.

To date, more than 6 000 completed applications for grant assistance have been received from across the country. A large bulk of the applications were from businesses that provide accommodation services (2495), followed by hospitality at (1825), travel related services (1780) and other at (662).

However, we have received feedback from applicants who experienced a number of challenges when they attempted to apply for the fund through our online system. Some had difficulties uploading documents onto system, some requested many times to submit documents they had already submitted and some were unable to access the system.

From a Press Release by the Ministry of Tourism South Africa

Relief and Response Measures by the Ministry of Tourism
Relief and Response Measures by the Ministry of Tourism

Download and Read Full Report from the Ministry of Tourism SA Here




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