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Sarova Terminates Contract to manage Sarova Taita & Saltlick Lodges in Tsavo Parks

Amid the tough times of Corona, tough times call for tough decisions. In this wake into a pandemic, a lot of tourism facilities, operators face a lot of challenges to manage their operations and expenses. Most hotels who depend mostly on the international market, some are facing permanent close down, others closing temporarily, and others on minimal low operations.

While in this, Sarova management closes deal to stop managing and operating some of their lodges in Kenya. The two lodges, Sarova Taita Hills, and Sarova Saltlick, owned by ARP and Pollman’s Tours and Safaris, were managed by Sarova Group of Hotels for more than 12yrs. ARP and Pollman’s Tours and Safaris also are owners of the famous luxurious beach hotels, Baobab Beach, Kole Kole, and Maridadi Beach Hotels.

Sarova Terminates Contract
Sarova Letter Notice to End Operations of Saltlick and Taita Hills

From a letter sent by Jimi Kariuki, the Chairman of Sarova Group states that they will stop their operations from 1st July 2020. They also assure Tour Operators that any obligations and commitment made by Sarova Hotels in Relations to the two hotels Sarova Taita Hills, and Sarova Saltlick, up to 30th June will be fully honored and ensures a seamless transition between Sarova Group and the ARP and Pollman’s Tours and Safaris.


In the same case, Fairmont Hotels in Kenya closes its operations from their main camps and hotels in Kenya, The Mara Safari Club, Fairmont Mt. Kenya, and Norfolk Nairobi hotel, until December to relief themselves from the harsh conditions of the pandemic.



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