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South Africa Plans to Reopen Tourism and Flights

As part of the Strategies to revive tourism activities and flights in South Africa, The Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources stated they will reopen operations start of July.

This brings hope to the entire South African Countries to revive the Tourism Industry after 3 months tough tackle with COVID 19. South African Airways is to be supported to return to normal flights by the government after it was grounded due to a lack of finances and poor management. Negotiations are still underway on how to revive this African Giant to its previous glory.

The Safari Sector as well has had its fair share of the effect of COVID 19, with numerous cancelations, laying off their staff, and others rumored to have closed completely. The Southern African Government injected stimulus packages to the sector to keep them afloat, including their safari and local guides.


This is a developing story and we keep updating you.

South Africa Plans to Reopen Tourism and Flights
South Africa Plans to Reopen Tourism and Flights


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