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Tanzania Bans Flights from Kenya

Recently it has been noticed of some cold fights between Kenya and Tanzania. The two countries have always had small fights in regards to their residents’ issues and trade wars.

Tanzania stopped to air their COVID 19 status as from 29th April 2020, so as to give the right figures to the world, but Tanzania on the other hand refused to. Due to this Kenya had to close all its borders and putting in more strict measures.

Until to date, Tanzania has not yet announced how COVID 19 effects.


On Thursday 30th Aug 2020 Kenya released a list of Countries that will start accessing Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as from 1st Aug 2020 when Kenya reopens its skies. (See list Of countries to be allowed in Kenya)

Tanzania has reciprocated by banning Kenya flights not flying to Tanzania and revoked their previous allowance to access Tanzania.

See below Statement by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

Tanzania Bans Flights from Kenya
TCAA Letter or Reciprocal to Ban KQ – Tanzania Bans Flights from Kenya


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