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The Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Africa - Discover Africa

Month by Month Wildebeest Migration Movement Kenya Tanzania

Wildebeest Migrations are a Yearly phenomenon that do not stop. These happen in the two countries of Eastern Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. They Migrate thousands of kilometers in search of food and water. We have compiled comprehensive information on their movements by months of the Year.

The Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Africa

Kenya and Tanzania, have an amazing wildlife phenomenon that was recognized as the 7th world wonder. Wildebeest Migrate through these two countries every year in millions if not hundreds of thousands. They are always on the move from January to January looking for pasture and greener grounds to feed.

Kenya and Tanzania share the same ecosystem that allows these beasts to migrate every year crossing borders. The Migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya. They are always accompanied by other wildlife species like antelopes, zebras, topis, and gazelles.

Here below is a monthly movement of wildebeest

Dec to March – Wildebeest Calving Season in Ndutu Ngorongoro Region

During these months, the wildebeest are from Kenya Masai Mara and migrating back to Tanzania Serengeti National Park. After an exhilarating season in the Mara, they will be going back to give birth to more calves. The go cross big rivers full of crocs and hippos. Some loose their live and many crosses safely through. They go through the Northern to Central and later arrive in Ndutu Region around Jan ready for calving.

At this time the grass is in plenty in Serengeti after the short rains that last for 2 months from Oct and November. When they land in Ndutu, 8000 wildebeest calves are born daily and feed on grass immensely. Also high chances to witness big cats like lions and leopards with cheetahs hunting.

The Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Masai Mara
The Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Masai Mara- Cheetah Revolution Safaris
March to Mid June – Green Season, feeding Season Serengeti Central Region

After the calving Season, Wildebeest try to move up to central Serengeti in search of food after the calves are ready to move and feed by themselves. They would have finished the food in Ndutu Region at this time and their migration up north starts. Also, the long rains would have started in Kenya and Tanzania. Increasing food all over the Serengeti and Masai Mara parks.

They Migrate up further North of Serengeti and the phenomenon starts while crossing the Mara river as they head to Masai Mara.

June to November – River crossings and Migrating from Serengeti to Kenya

It falls during the summer period, at considered the peak season in Africa. Hence proper planning is always required when planning to witness the wildebeest migration during this time.

The wildebeest Migration will be now piling up in Masai Mara Kenya as they will be entering the reserve to spend almost 5 to 6 months. They remain here in Masai Mara depending on food availability. They at a time spend less time here and cross back to Serengeti as early as Aug or Sept.The crazy crossings of the Mara River in Serengeti, and Sand River, Talek River and Mara Rivers in Masai Mara tend to have an ever ending splendid actions of wildebeest crossings.



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