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Two Elephants Bulls Fight in South Africa

Two Bulls Elephants are seen Fighting in Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa, Making tourists have a scene of a lifetime. Bull Elephants fight due to dominance and when they are on heat to mate. It is not yet known why these two were fighting, but they seemed to be fighting for dominance.

Males, or bulls, form bachelor herds when they reach sexual maturity. For example, while the dominant cow in the herd leader, the dominant bull is usually the individual that mates with the most females and beats out other males in contests of strength. … Male elephants may become aggressive when they go into musth.


Single fact about Male Elephants

Male elephants are much more social than previously thought, and young males are particularly vulnerable to poor behavior without the presence of older males in the environment.

Two Elephants Bulls Fight in South Africa
Two Elephants Bulls Fight in Amboseli National Park Kenya – By Silverless


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