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Types of Culture in Nigeria – Ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Welcome to Nigeria, it’s one of the largest countries in the West of Africa, Gulf of Guinea. With a population of over 190 million people. Its capital is Abuja which is presumed to be rich and well developed among the many cities in Africa.

We have gone dipper to know, learn and discover the different cultures and ethnicity of the Nigerians. With assistance of our experts in Nigeria, we got this amazing collection of the Nigerian Communities, cultures, and ethnic groups.

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1. Efik-Ibibio culture Efik-Ibibio culture has a significant influence on the Southern Part of Nigeria. The representatives of this culture speak their language, as well as English. The culture is associated with the lion that is the symbol of this culture. There is a secret society, called the Ekpe (translated into English as “Lion”) that protects the culture. This society elaborated on the system of symbols called Nsibidi. The system was transferred to contemporary generation ancient knowledge, and many of the symbols are even taught at school to children. People of Efik-Ibibio culture eat such dishes as Afañg soup, Edikang Ikong soup, pepper soup, Ukwoho, Atama, Eritan, etc. Many recipes are made of vegetables. Such preference is explained by the geographic position of the culture location.

Types of Culture in Nigeria - Ethnic groups in Nigeria
Types of Culture in Nigeria – Ethnic groups in Nigeria -Photo by Scooter Nigeria


2. Hausa-Fulani Culture is spread on the West and North of the country. The Muslim religion became the factor that united two similar (but still a bit different) cultures into one Hausa-Fulani Culture. olygamy in the marriage in the culture is allowed as well as divorce. Music is a significant part of this culture and the people have a great heritage of work songs; they organize festivities in the centers of the towns and come to dance there.

Hausa Fulani People – Nigeria Culture and People


3. Igbo cultural notable trait is melodic music that was developed in the process of iron forging. The musical instruments of Igbo are opi, igbs, and ichaka. In the whole, the culture takes its origins from West Nigeria, and the Igbo music in the form of jazz mixed with traditional Igbo tunes was spread all around the world and was particularly popular in the 20th century. Traditional Nigerian art is represented in Igbo culture in abstract, colorful forms. The traditional Igbo religion is called Odinani, but nowadays the majority of Igbos are Christians. Harvesting of the yam is an essential tradition for Igbo culture; they organize fest and masquerades to celebrate different festivals, the most popular is the New Yam festival.

Igbo People – Nigeria – Photo by Nigeria Tourism


4. Bini/Edo culture The indigenes of Bini culture are situated in their majority in Edo State and are spread across the Delta, Ondo, and Rivers states of Nigeria. They also have their language that is called Edo. Among preferable foods of Bini (or Edo) culture are soups: melon or okra soups cooked with bush meat or fish; pounded yam and rice. People of this culture are religious and believe in the existence of two worlds: the visible world called ‘agbon’ and the spiritual world called ‘erinmwin.’ Their religion is quite interesting and very philosophical. They believe that the creator of these worlds is Osanobua (God Almighty). The people of this culture also believe in the series of fourteen reincarnations. After the fourteenth reincarnation, each soul has to tell Osanubua his or her life plan to define his or her destiny.

Bini/Edo culture


5. Yoruba culture is in the West of Nigeria. It is famous for its works of bronze and sculptures. In Yoruba culture, particular attention is given to names. For example, the name of a new born child strictly depends on the history of the family and ancestors, so family traditions are strictly preserved. People of this culture eat moin-moin (steamed bean pudding), soups like ewedu, gbegiri, okra, egusi, and efo riro. The women can boast the full range of textile not only for festivities but also for everyday life. Yoruba people believe in reincarnation and pray for the essential goods in life, majorly, wealth, children, and immortality.

Yoruba Ladies of Nigeria



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