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WATCH VIDEO: Victoria Falls reaches the highest flow in 10 years

In 2019, Victoria Falls was speculated by a lot of international media that it’s drying up and not in a good state at all. Victoria Falls experiences seasonal periods that affect the quantity of water flowing through it. During the start of every year, Victoria Falls experiences a high level of water, and its always not advisable to visit and engage in any particular activities such as bungee and others.

The Zambezi River Authority public relations and communications manager, Elizabeth Karonga, said the high water levels were due to a significant increase in both rainfall and run-off in the catchment area upstream of the falls during the current rainfall season.

Data from the authority show that four times more water was now flowing over the world’s largest waterfall than at this time last year.  On April 20, 3,922 cubic meters per second was recorded compared to 1 007 cubic meters per second on April 20, 2019.


“The Zambezi River normally experiences two peaks or floods, which are more evident in the upper catchment area, upstream from Victoria Falls, and depending on their magnitude, their effects are translated downstream. They are between March 31st and April or at times extend to May,” Karonga said.

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Photos Of Victoria Falls in its peak
Victoria Falls sunrise
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls



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