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WATCH:- Baby Elephant Chases Rangers Jeep

‘Olomunyak’ in the Maa dialect translates to mean Luck. This little guy was named Olomunyak due to an unfortunate incident that the rangers believed happened last night. While out on their morning patrol routine, conservancy rangers came across this young elephant calf approximately four months old wandering around alone visibly tired and frightened. It is believed he might have wandered off and lost his mother and herd and due to the tall grass and was unable to locate his family.

Baby elephants are fully dependent on their mothers for the first three years of their lives and it can be incredibly dangerous for a calf to wander from the herd as the herd provides safety from predators. The rangers, therefore, knew that they had to get the baby back to his mother for him to be able to survive.

WATCH :- Baby Elephant Chases Rangers Jeep after Treatment
Baby Elephant in Masai Mara Olare Motorogi Conservancy


Rangers therefore quickly sprang into action and they were able to locate a nearby herd which they believed to be Olomunyak’s family. They then went back to where they had seen Olomunyak, and turned off the car engine and stayed with him so as to keep him calm and earn his trust. After a while and sense, he was not in any danger, he got accustomed to the patrol vehicle touching it with his trunk taking in all he could as if to familiarize himself with this ‘strange object’ that would hopefully take him to his mother. And sure enough when the rangers started the car engine slowly towards the direction of his family, he followed the vehicle running for almost three kilometers.

Once they reached the herd, the rangers stopped at a safe distance watching in awe as the baby’s mother ran over to collect her baby and as they joined the rest of the herd with Olomunyak receiving lots of hugs and kisses from his family.

What a magical way to step into 2020, with such amazing experiences and the hope of many more great opportunities to come.

Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters and partners. We are grateful that you are all part of the OMC herd!!

The awesome pictures and videos of Baby Elephant Chases Rangers Jeep are courtesy of Warden Raphael Kasoe



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Photos of Baby Elephant and Family in Masai Mara

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