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What Next After COVID 19 (Corona Virus) – Travel Trends and Changes in Tourism in Africa? These are the worries that are ahead of the African countries trying to figure out a breakthrough after COVID 19 Corona Virus.

Many African Countries relying on international markets for tourism and foreign exchange. Since most of the international countries including the USA, the United Kingdom, China, France, Canada, Italy, Germany and many more have been affected by Corona Virus, a lot of worrying clouds cover the African Continent.

With the recent ‘work at home’ and ‘social distancing’ campaigns by WHO, countries in Africa have taken another step of Marketing their Destination dabbed ‘#TravelTomorrow’. A campaign targeted to catch the eye of many international guests that there is still hope to travel in Africa even After COVID 19 dies.


An Ethiopian Airlines worker transports a consignment of the medical donation from Chinese billionaire Jack Ma - REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri - RC2ZOF95SBCB
An Ethiopian Airlines worker transports a consignment for Corona COVID 19 of the medical donation from Chinese billionaire Jack Ma – REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri – RC2ZOF95SBCB


Intra-Africa Travel – Improving African travel within Africa after Corona Virus

Most African countries’ tourism bodies are advocating for intra-Africa Travel. This Means, African countries to open up their borders and Air Paths to allow more African flights to land in different African countries to promote African Tourism rather than depending much on the international Markets.

Kenya Tourism Board Through its Minister, Najib Balala, stated on twitter that they are looking into improving Kenyan local tourism to be the back born of Kenyan tourism. Kenya has seen some tremendous increase in local tourism after the 2013 bomb attack at Westgate Mall which negatively impacted international tourism in a huge way. Many other downtime moments of attacks, political tensions, and temperatures, has made the Kenyan Government to rely on local domestic tourism.

South African Tourism Board board has gone to more of attracting international and improve its local tourism. From a circular made by the board, Small Enterprise business in tourism is being given caution that will ensure they remain afloat during this pandemic.

Uganda and Rwanda also are in the same boat to campaign for the Intra Africa Tourism and opening borders for African tourists.

Domestic Tourist enjoying some beach activities in Mombasa Kenya - Image by Nation Kenya
What Next after COVID 19. Domestic Tourist enjoying some beach activities in Mombasa Kenya – Image by Nation Kenya

What Next After COVID 19?

From our critical Analysis, for tourism in Africa to survive and improve, Intra Africa and Domestic tourism needs to be emphasized and campaigned for. Lowering visa restrictions and entry restrictions will improve and promote African tourism in greater heights.

African Countries under AU, need to see an important action done to allow trade, tourism, transport that is convenient and efficient to improve the development and African tourism.



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