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Africa, like the rest of the world, experiences different seasons and different climatic changes that determine when to visit and when it is advisable not to visit. There are more other factors that do affect visits to Africa, but we have listed the best time to visit Africa.

The Best time to have an African Wildlife Safari in Africa changes with time and destinations of where you choose to visit and the behavior of wildlife as well during these seasons as listed below.

African Season are categorized in 3 or even 4 parts to distinguish the season of travel, see below these seasons

1. Jan to March:- Known as the High Season

From January to March, Most African Safari destinations usually have a lot of wildlife sightings and activities. The best destination to visit during this time is in the East and South of Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana,  Zimbabwe, and South Africa. There is plenty of food in supply after the short rains in November and December of the previous year, and the start of Long Rains from February in East Africa. Hence its the best to sight big cats such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs as they hunt and learn more of their behavior.

This is the best season as well to witness the best of Wildebeest Calving season in Tanzania Ndutu Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Where some 8000 Wildebeest Calves are born per day. Some of the best phenomenal reasons to visit From Jan to March of Every Year.


2. April to June:- Categorised as the Green Season or Low Season

After Jan to March season ends, the long rains usually continue till the end of June or July. For those tourists or guests who love to go on safari and are on a low budget, this is the best season to visit Africa for Wildlife Safari. It is the best season to visit the destinations for farming tours and agriculture tours. Most Destinations tend to practice farming now to capitalize on the rainy season for a bumper harvest.

For wildlife safari enthusiasts, it is the best time to have the real jungle experience away from crowded seasons. You get the best low season offers where you can take advantage and stay longer and get service attention.


3. June to October:- Categorized as Peak Season

One of the busiest and best season to visit Africa is from June to October of every year. Most of the international guests visit Africa during their summer holidays to spend time with their families in Africas destinations.

Also considered the best season to witness the Wildebeest Migration and River crossing in Kenya and Tanzania every year. They Migrate thousands of KMs to and from Tanzania Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s, Masai Mara National Park, crossing the major rivers infested by crocodiles, known as the Mara River in Tanzania and the Sand River in Kenya.

The best other countries to visit are Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe for Mokoro experiences and water cruises. Witness the big elephant experiences while in these countries. If you love dessert indulgence, then Namibia has a lot to serve you at the Sossluvei Desert. Visit Zambia and Zimbabwe and do scenic tours of the Victoria Falls, do Bungee and extra adrenaline water activities.

Also best visit destinations to consider visiting during these times are Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania Beaches.


4. November to December:- Considered as the High Season

As the year ends, these seasons from November to December are holiday months in Africa. And most Africans prefer to travel these months of the year since its Christmas and New Year holidays and the only time they get to interact with families, friends and their kids for a long time.

Best destinations to visit this time are Southern, Eastern and Western Countries.


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