CONSERVATION CRISIS:- Wildlife at risk due to Poaching and COVID 19 - Discover Africa


CONSERVATION CRISIS:- Wildlife at risk due to Poaching and COVID 19

As we are at home due to the ravaging Corona Virus effects, African Wildlife is in danger of poaching. Corona Virus passed a serious threat to wildlife, as African Safaris are not happening and most National Parks, Reserves, and conservatives are closed due to social distancing.

In most cases, a monitored and frequently visited destinations keep poachers away from poaching and making it hard to kill any wildlife species. Most camps and lodges are closed and rangers seem to be overwhelmed to monitor these wildlife reserves and conservancies.

CONSERVATION CRISIS:- Wildlife at risk due to Poaching and COVID 19
Tusk Conservation Lower Zambezi –

Loisaba Conservancy, in Laikipia, North of Kenya, Peter Muchemi, a Ranger says even as he’s constantly on high alert to protect vulnerable elephants, lions, and leopards that are targeted illegally by hunters at Loisaba Conservancy, he and his 70 fellow rangers have an added worry: protecting themselves against coronavirus.



In central Africa, measures to shield mountain gorillas from the virus have resulted in a slump in vital visitor revenue. Twelve rangers who guarded Virunga national park, where the gorillas live, were killed in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo last month.

Painted Dog Conservation, Zimbabwe

“Cuts to our staff and salaries is the last thing we will consider. We employ 67 people, all from the local communities and it’s unthinkable that we would add to their struggles by reducing staff numbers or salaries. We will continue to play our part in supporting the local clinics, which play a vital role in disseminating information as much as anything else.”

VulPro, South Africa

“All volunteers have gone home and no further volunteers will join us until such a time the virus has been controlled, this is placing huge pressure on full time staff as they are already stretched. We are on lockdown to protect all we can and we are deeply concerned about staff and bird security at this time.”

Tsavo Trust, Kenya

“From a wildlife conservation perspective and focusing on Tsavo, tourism has collapsed overnight. This has meant that the mainstream revenue for Kenya Wildlife Service is no longer flowing. We will still operate, but at 50% capacity if we are to continue all the work that has so painstakingly taken to deliver over the last seven years.”

Ruaha Carnivore Project, Tanzania

“We are very unlikely to be able to do anything like the amount of work we had planned during 2020, both in the Ruaha and Selous landscapes.”

According to an Interview done by Tusk.Org



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